Pursuing LIFE to the FULLEST, begins and ends in real relationship with God; it is to pursue your true heart’s desire in submission to the Creator of your heart and the desires He designed you with.

We are Christians through word and deed and our desire is for Truth in all things. We embrace Wisdom and Knowledge and pursue the richness it brings to our lives because it is inspired and given to us by God!

Our desire, with this website, is to provide perspective and truth (spiritual and practical) that can be applied to the Full Scope of Life in all its complexities and simplicity.

We believe in God, The Father, The Great I AM, The Creator; we believe in His son Christ Jesus, (aka: Yeshua, Emmanuel) and in His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of The Lord, the Comforter, Counselor, Helper, Protector and Advocate.

We do not believe that the previously stated beliefs are in conflict or somehow exclude the current world we live in, or the discoveries of modern man. In fact we find the current state of life’s ideas and realities in the world regarding science, philosophy, humanity, politics, nature/environment, economies and communities create a compelling rational that there is most certainly a God that truly loves ALL of mankind. And so the hope it that we can grow in more understanding of that love personally so that we can better apply it to the many issues we face around us, personally, in our community, in our cities and around the world.