Some Background on Ed Klein and EKEA is actually an offspring of Ed Klein’s Christian non-profit – Ed Klein Evangelistic Association – which was started in 1973 by Ed & Colleen Klein.


At its origin the goal and purpose of this non-profit ministry was relatively self-explanatory by its name. Ed Klein founded this organization to support the spread (evangelizing) of the message of Christ (the Gospel) and the enlightening, educating and enrichment of what that message truly means as it applies to the everyday life of an individual.

Over the 40+ years of Ed’s preaching, teaching and counseling he impacted countless lives. But, by even his own account, it was not because there was anything special about him.

He was simply in love with a wonderful, loving and good God who Ed knew loved everyone with a perfect love and because He was willing to go where God told him to go and do what God told him to do – with the purpose of sharing that love – he got to receive the benefits of that journey.

What those benefits looked like was people’s lives being changed forever. From people being healed of everything this world has thrown at us humans (chronic diseases, cancer, injuries, mental & physical handicaps, deafness or blindness) to new found freedom from drug addiction, personal or emotional bondage, and spiritual bondage too… whatever the issue. It’s never too big for God.

There are many examples of miracles that were experienced through this ministry and what a wonderful thing they are! But they were never “a show” or meant to “convert or convince” anyone, they were simply God being God and demonstrating His love and creative power, through us. ED never DID any of those miracles, and he would be the first to say it. Because, he knew he couldn’t, only God can, and He does them because of His great love, design and intention toward us. Ed Klein did have one advantage though; he knew that God wants to use us to SHOW that love and design and intention to others and to each other. So, Ed opted to go along for the ride. And what a ride it was.

The real story, or testimony, isn’t the miracles that happened over all those years. The testimony is that God used a farm boy from North Dakota with an 8th grade education to bring about a desire for a real living and personal relationship with The Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit in thousands of lives all over the US and beyond. The testimony is that God’s glory and goodness cannot be stopped when we are willing to have relationship with Him and listen and go and do as we are led by the Lord.

One of Ed’s favorite “jokes” he liked to say while teaching was, “You know if God used the jaw bone of an Ass to defeat the Philistines… just imagine what He could do if He got a-hold of a whole ASS like you or me?!” 🙂 A lot of truth in this funny little statement.

One of the key things I believe this organization has been and still is to help people understand that God isn’t mad at you, God does not want to condemn you for your shortcomings or what you have done wrong. What God wants is relationship with us. Because God loves you and cares about what you care about, he wants to be your partner and He’s designed this world and our lives so He can do just that. Partner with you.

This website is an extension of the history of that ministry and a building block for all to continue to grow their understanding of God’s intimate walk with us on this earth…and beyond.