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Hope is our Anchor
January 28, 2021
I think many of us often get our inspiration from another. This last week the Holy Spirit triggered my thinking when I listened to my daughter Jessica’s teaching titled “Fill up on Hope”. You are able to watch that 13 minute teaching here: As often happens I only made it my second time through to about... ..Read More
He Came
December 15, 2020
The Christmas story,  we all know well, or do we? So often when reading the Word, the Logos, or written word becomes Rhema, alive with meaning for me. This week in my advent devotions I re-read a story I thought I knew so well. Yet the Lord spoke in that still small voice and told... ..Read More
Grace like a Garment
November 17, 2020
 This week as I listened to a few friends struggling with relationship issues I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit say we should daily put on Grace and Mercy like garments.  These are certainly interesting times. It seems like we have fertile ground for the enemy to hit us with judgment and criticism. Even... ..Read More

Hope is our Anchor

He Came

Grace like a Garment

Daily Delight!

Keys to Peace

The Courage to Wait

A curve in the Road

Storing Up Riches

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