This is a Sunday from home message that Evangelist Ed Klein delivered in 2008. It challenges us to explore what the word is saying to us directly, and to strive towards walking out who Christ has made us to be, every day and in every part of out lives.

It seems appropriate to publish right before Christmas, certainly not a “traditional” Christmas message, but appropriate never the less.
We are called to – Be As He Is – in every season; and we can only do that because of the fulfillment of Hope that Christ brought to us all when he chose to come to this earth and be as we are… This is a living, breathing, walking, talking hope and reality that lives in us, because of Christmas.

We hope you enjoy this message, you can listen through the player here or you can download and listen to all the podcast episodes by searching “OneAnswer” (all one word) on whatever app you listen to your podcasts through.

God Bless You and Merry Christmas!