There is a powerful analogy to breaking the sound barrier in flight and breaking a prayer barrier.  The initial struggle to break the sound barrier was tremendous and often times we experience this same gravitational pull back to the natural as we are pursuing a supernatural answer in prayer. “Just like the sound barrier, there is a faith barrier. And breaking the faith barrier in the spiritual realm is much like breaking the sound barrier in the physical realm. If you want to experience a supernatural breakthrough you have to pray through.”

Just before the sound barrier was broken for the first time the aircraft seemed to be close to disintegrating and at Mach .995 the g force blurred the pilots vision and churned his stomach. Then there was a loud booming sound followed by an eerie silence and a smooth ride. We can compare this sonic boom breakthrough to our internal shift when we move from the strain of prayer and petition to a place of faith, a new confidence that our prayer has been heard and answered.

Prayer barriers are broken by going the distance and praying until the breakthrough comes. Then we experience that supernatural peace which follows the turbulence of our souls.

There are many barriers to breakthrough prayer but just as many tools to break through them. Jesus teaches us in Mark 9 that for some supernatural breakthroughs fasting is required. When he returned from the mount of transfiguration the crowd had gathered around a demon possessed boy, his father and the disciples who had been unable to cast out the demon. Jesus rebukes the demon and the boy is well. When the disciples asked why they were unable to do this Jesus answers that “this kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting”. Since Jesus did not have time to do a quick prayer and fast I am convinced that this reflects a lifestyle where both prayer and fasting were common place enabling a clear channel to the father. Fasting can be a part of prayinghard. Daniel as an example with his 21 day fast that culminated in an angelic encounter.

Some barriers require a double circle created through prayer andfasting….

My personal note on fasting is that it can take many forms, fasting a day or a month, a water fast, a Daniel fast, fasting sugar, alcohol, coffee or media. The point is that fasting denies the flesh and its comforts. It is a periodic means of controlling appetites to feast on the word, the presence of God and help us to detach ever so slightly from the material world of so many comfortable distractions. We are better able to focus, hear and get God’s instruction as to how to pray.

Often praying through hits a supernatural barrier. The enemy throws up what may seem like an impenetrable barrier to praying through to victory. Often times we will be hit by discouragement that the answer seems to be taking too long and may not come at all. “If you listen to the accuser of the brethren, you will feel like a failure”. The enemy tells us God won’t hear us, that we have failed Him too many times for Him to answer, or we that we simply don’t deserve the answer we seek, or any number of lies to derail our prevailing prayer. Yet when we begin our quest in prayer remembering who God really is, that all His promises are yes and Amen and that we are not only loved but His own treasure we will stand with confidence before the throne of God, regardless of how long it takes! These are the defining decisions, the daily decisions to pray without ceasing, to declare the promises and goodness of God as we wait. To pray through the barriers.

A few questions to ponder:

What gravitational pull do you need to be freed from?

What daily decision needs to follow a defining decision you have made?

What dream have you abandoned that might need to be rekindled and prayed through?

Is there a current situation you are praying about that the Lord is nudging you to add some type of fast to?

Concept and quotes from The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson