This is a seven part series by Evangelist Ed Klein called the Benefits of Salvation in which he covers what he believes are 7 key benefits. These are, Health & Healing, Prosperity and Provision, Protection, Deliverance, Guidance, Wisdom and Long Life. This series dives into the bible to expose, explain, and solidify these benefits and the completeness of salvation we have in Christ Jesus. And it brings home that those benefits are right here and now on this earth. Ed was quick to point out there’s many more than the seven he discusses; but he believed that these are the key foundational ones that we should all be aware of and putting into practice by faith in our daily lives.

We would encourage you to listen and look up many of these scriptures for yourself so that you can see them, pray about them and allow the Lord to minister to your heart through them.

We hope you enjoy these messages and are inspired and learn from it, have a blessed day!