This is a bible study and expansion by Evangelist Ed Klein on the three chapters of 2nd Peter. In this series he dives into the passages verse by verse and discusses the meaning and conviction of what Peter is saying to us as the living church. His feedback on the book of 2nd Peter brings a great deal of insight and opportunity for contemplation into the life we are called to live as Christians.

These messages are from our analog archives, and was recorded in 1987.

We have broken this teaching into multiple episodes so that it can be split up a bit and used as a bible study, and would encourage you to take the time to sit and study this out alongside Ed with your bible. Invite a friend or family member to join you if you can and take the time to share thoughts about what the Lord is showing you in these chapters and verses.

We hope you enjoy these episodes and are taught and encouraged by it. God Bless You!