Rise up daughters of the King and walk out your true destiny. You have taken captive the lies about who you are and exchanged them for my truths. You know you are loved, treasured and His Bride.  Now it is time to Rise up and take your rightful place and fulfill your destiny!

That is what I sensed as I was reading Genesis this weekend!

Genesis 3:15 Amplified Bible (AMP)

“And I will put enmity (open hostility)
Between you and the woman,
And between your seed (offspring) and her [a]Seed;
He shall [fatally] bruise your head,
And you shall [only] bruise His heel.”

In the garden when Adam and Eve ate the fruit they were told not to eat they exchanged masters. They had been give authority over all the earth but when they disobeyed God and yielded to the serpent the earth came under his control including all mankind. But God made a way. Genesis 3 is a prophetic declaration about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus where he bought back all authority from the enemy and later gives it back to man and woman. The word enmity means “hatred”. It does not refer to casual dislike.  It is used to describe intense, active, growing hostility.  That is the way the devil feels about you and your seed. It is no wonder that since the garden the enemy has worked so hard to oppress women.

He knows that when we are fully empowered and know who we are and that our authority was given back on the cross through Christ both women and their children will bring fatal blows his way.

I believe there is a common desire us  to rise up as leaders and servants and encourage each other to arise and walk in the gifts we have been given. We need each other and we need to remember the women who paved the way for us to rise up. When I remember Deborah, Ester, Joan of Arc, Rosa Parks,  Aimee Semple McPherson and Sarah Edwards I am inspired to do my part. It may not be as a prophetic warrior or making a request for my people before kings, I may not change a nations’ mind on race relations but I do know that I am able to follow in the footsteps of Sarah Edwards. Sarah trained and prayed. Sarah raised 11 children and shaped them into world changers. All through their childhood Sarah cried out to the Lord on her children’s behalf.  Her legacy is astounding. Sarah was born in 1720 and by the year 1900, the descendants of Sarah and Jonathan Edwards included 13 college presidents, 63 professors, 100 lawyers, 30 judges, 66 physicians, 80 holders of public offices, 135 editors and 100 overseas missionaries!

We have no idea the potential power we are releasing in the next generations as we mentor and pray for our birth children as well as our spiritual children!

We have a covenant with God and part of the covenant involves partnership to produce children of dominion and destiny. God destined us to be their parents to train them up and then pray them into the destiny God ordained for them  before their birth. They were born to be people of authority.

I have been sharing this for years yet this weekend it was if the Lord said to get up and get going again! I have countless stories of prayers testimonies as my children grew. Yet I sensed this was a time to rise up again as a mother, mentor and grandmother. As my daughter and son in law prepare this week to leave for 2 weeks to Peru the Lord has given me a heart for this nation. I will stay home with their children but will be praying for amazing revival. My oldest son just returned from Armenia with Young Life, they are raising funds to complete the building of an amazing youth camp. Teens from Iran, Syria and other war torn and impoverished countries will be able to come, have fun and hear the gospel. I am on my knees for those funds!

Some of us may go but some of us may stay back and provide prayer covering and prayer breakthroughs for our children. All of us are able to walk out Psalm 89:1:

I will sing of the goodness and loving kindness of the Lord forever;
With my mouth I will make known Your faithfulness from generation to generation.

One of my favorite scriptures as I transition into a role perhaps more in the background is Psalm 92: 12-15

The righteous will flourish like the date palm [long-lived, upright and useful];
They will grow like a cedar in Lebanon [majestic and stable].
Planted in the house of the Lord,
They will flourish in the courts of our God.
[Growing in grace] they will still thrive and bear fruit and prosper in old age;
They will flourish and be [a]vital and fresh [rich in trust and love and contentment];
[They are living memorials] to declare that the Lord is upright and faithful [to His promises];
He is my rock, and there is no unrighteousness in Him

We are to grow, provide stability, be useful, flourish, bear fruit and be a huge threat to the enemy! We can be the wind under the wings of our children and their children as we walk out our identity and teach them who they are. Our prayers will assist in providing paths and breakthroughs as we create our own spiritual legacy. Whether you are called to go out to the nations, teach, preach, serve or train and pray at home we are all call to rise up and take our place.

I found this amazing poem I want to share with you.

Arise, Woman Of God

Rise up, O woman of God
In what He has given you,
The things God has laid on your heart,
Rise up, go forth, and do

Unlock what God has placed within,
The potential you have inside
The world is waiting for your release
To expand your wings and fly

Arise in your God-given gifts
For this is your finest hour
Arise in the Lord’s holy might,
Ignited and empowered

For God is calling you to come forth
To impact this world for Him,
Don’t hold back or limit yourself
Let His power arise within

And take His message to the world
To those that have lost their way,
For you can surely make a difference
If you’d hear His voice and obey

You shall be strengthened in the Lord
As you begin to arise,
Conquering those doubts that pull you down
And believe who you are in Christ

For you shall surely be transformed
As, in you, God increases more
And become a woman of true excellence
Bringing honour to her Lord.

© By M.S.Lowndes