I just returned from a 3-day conference at Bethel in Redding for their Healing School. I was looking forward to learning a lot of principles to equip me in the area of healing for both myself and in ministry to others. What I experienced went far beyond principles and a “how to manual”. We heard amazing teachings on the love of God, joy, open heavens and heard tremendous testimonies. I met people from all over the country and the world with stories that amazed me as heard how Jesus radically pursued them often in ways that were nothing less than miraculous. Bethel’s culture permeates the entire campus. It is rich with love and encouragement and faith. I felt the peace of God and His joy before the very first teaching began. In the midst of it all I was simply overwhelmed by God’s incredible love for me. I used the phrase “wrecked by His love” because that is how I felt. I was “hit” by the greatness of that love as we came together in worship. His love just kept pouring out on us and I found myself a bit undone by it. I realize that same love poured out on the cross 2000 years ago is the basis for all healing today, body, heart and soul.


Chris Gore who led the conference said it like this:

“ When we have the revelation of His love, grace and goodness, then we really begin to understand that He can’t love us any more that He already does. When you live out of the foundation of how much you are loved and accepted and that God is your loving Father, you will find yourself loving God back with all your heart, soul, and mind. The beginnings of the foundations will be set correctly where miracles will flow because of your identity of Him in you and you in Him.”


Early in the conference the Lord reminded me of the time about 10 years ago when I went with a group of friends to see Heidi Baker in Oakland. She was speaking in a large church with tiered seating. I was sitting about 7 rows up from the front and 3 chairs in. When she gave the call to come down to her team in front for prayer ministry it seemed like everyone was out of their seats and crushing into the isles to come down. I looked behind me and knew that was not going to happen for many. At that moment I just got up and told the Lord to please use me because these people had needs! He did and it was amazing, they just thought I was part of the prayer team who had moved up to them and God did the rest. This week the Lord reminded me of that and the fact that  what had moved me to get up and pray was compassion, He had given me his heart for the needs of  his kids. That isreally the right impetus for healing prayer, being moved by compassion, that our hearts would be moved by His. Then we are simply partnering with Jesus. When we partner with Jesus we are aligning ourselves with His nature. Jesus healed all. He bore all our sicknesses on the cross. His nature is His name: Jehovah Rapha. Jesus healed all and Jesus is the perfect representation of the Father. The Father is good all the time. Chris states; “its out of that place that we are able to minister with power and without limits hanging over our heads of whether it is the Father’s will to heal or not or whether He is really good or not. “  We simply need a greater revelation of Jesus. A greater revelation of the price He paid for our salvation, in the Greek the word salvation is Sozo, which includes healing and deliverance. We needed a greater revelation of God’s grace and goodness and the finished work on the cross. I was encouraged as Christ shared that after Jesus returned from the mountain, having spent time with the Father that the bible tells us just touching the hem of his garment brought healing. What a reminder to constantly spend time with Papa, always refreshing myself and reminding myself of His goodness, His love and His grace. Chris is used in healing all over the world. He told us many times he simply releases a prayer of God’s goodness. He said that God’s goodness loves to manifest with that declaration. I was so encouraged by the freedom he shared. I have been miraculously healed many times. God healed me of tremendous food intolerances, migraines and a heart attack. Yet I have struggled of late with a torn rotator cuff and a series of maladies. I was hungry to learn what I was doing or believing wrong. Chris shared that the important thing is to live from a place of the completed work of God, what the word says and not to live from a place of our experience which only pulls the gospel to a lower level, we are to live our life on the gospel level.  He states “ Live with the conviction that nothing is impossible with God Live with the conviction that today is a great day for a miracle, regardless of how many times you have personally been prayed for. Live bold enough to pray scary prayers that He can’t help but show up for. I am convinced that we will see more miracles if we step out in godly confidence, knowing that all heaven is waiting to back us up we release the goodness of the Father. A few years ago, I prayed, “God, I want to see more miracles,” and he clearly answered, “ Well then pray for more people”. Lets go and release the goodness of the Father to this world and get Jesus all that He paid for”  (From Chris Gore’s book: Walking in Supernatural Healing Power).


The last night of the conference I simply got saturated with the love of Jesus. Many of us were just a bit undone by God’s love and glory. It was fun, refreshing and I came away challenged and inspired.-I am on a quest to learn more of Him and how to walk as He did and want to spend a lot more time in His presence so I have more to share with those I love!