It all began with lunch at Nordstrams in Walnut Creek. My good friend surprised me by asking if I would mentor her in things of the spirit. Teri is a brilliant architect and a member of our bay area prayer group. I could see in her a strong desire to learn more about the abundant life Christ promises and walking more powerfully in the things of the Holy Spirit. Very soon our relationship became one of mutual learning as we fellowshipped together at Bethel in Redding, read the same books, listened to faith building podcasts and then discussed. Teri experienced healings in her own body and we both were excited as we saw Gods power manifested in new arenas of faith for both of us. That was three years ago..


On Saturday November 9thour prayer group all received a text from Teri that while she and her husband Mike were on a short vacation in Zihuantanejo, Mexico there had been an accident and Mike had nearly drown. They were body surfing and a rogue wave hit which Teri rode into shore but when she looked back she saw Mike head down and floating in the water behind her. The lifeguard and a doctor on shore resuscitated him but there had been no pulse. It was unclear how long he had been without oxygen, Mike was alive but in a coma.


Meanwhile back at Almanor Dave and I were just returning from taking our granddaughter to ice cream. I had this sense that given our spiritual relationship and connection perhaps I should fly to Mexico City where they had been medically transported. I asked Dave and he said: “ no but lets pray and ask the Lord to have Teri call you and ask if that is what God wants”. We did and not 5 minutes later my cell rang. Before I got my granddaughter inside Dave was on the computer making flight reservations for the next morning. I left at 6 am Sunday for Mexico City and met a friend of Teri’s and Mike’s brother a friend and Mike’s daughters on the plane out of SFO.


You know when you have been sent. I knew my job. Believing prayer, words of life and supporting my friends.


It is hard to describe the series of progressive miracles we witnessed. Mike was in a coma and the doctors were bracing Teri for severe brain damage. We prayed as did many all over who were on prayer alert. The next day the MRI was done and a jubilant doctor told us there was no brain damage! None. However what they had not realized immediately was that Mike had a broken neck. They shared that Mike had a 50% chance of walking. As we had prayed and declared a clear and sound mind we did the same over his body. I also realized another reason God sent me. I knew this one. I lived it with Jason and as we all know there is power in the testimony. Jason had walked and so would Mike.


James 1:3-4 The Passion Translation (TPT)

For you know that when your faith is tested[a] it stirs up power within you to endure all things. And then as your endurance grows even stronger it will release perfection into every part of your being until there is nothing missing and nothing lacking.

Each time our faith was tested God began to stir up power within us that translated into prayer for the miraculous.


The neurologist then gave Mike a new test that tested the nerve connections going through out the body. Mikes were conducting all the way down! Healing began cascading rapidly. He was able to move his legs and one hand had a bit of movement.

Being paralyzed in a scary proposition but I was able to share with Mike how things would progress, I had watched a slow progressive healing with my son. It was amazing how the Lord brought back to my memory each little phase Jason had gone through and I believe I was able to reassure Mike as he faced these early sensations and questions, at least a bit.


Teri and I did experience some spiritual warfare, of course! But God was always victorious and showed us the strategy for victory after victory.


I believe many things happened through this accident that we may not be aware of for sometime. There were prophetic words for Mike’s future. His family was witnessing 2 crazy verbal prayer warriors for a week. I got to know Mike’s amazing family and be a part of all the love they had for one another.


I so wanted Mike to go to the Santa Clara rehab facility that Jason was in. When Mike was transferred to Kaiser Walnut Creek they told his son the only way that would happen was if the Kaiser rehab had no beds when it was time to move him. His son Blake prayed and of course, there were no beds available in Vallejo the day he was to move! Mike is now in Santa Clara getting the best care. He is sitting up, able to cross his legs yesterday and today able to hold his phone with his good hand. The other amazing thing is that he has no pain! Nerve pain is one of the most difficult things with a spinal injury,  but God!


We often remember the biblical phrase “for such a time as this” in the story of Queen Ester. God used one young girl of faith and obedience to save an entire people.


We never know when we will be called and sent. Our role is to be prepared. To be in the word, building our faith in the promises of God. Hiding the word in our hearts so that when called upon we able to share them and infuse faith into the heart of another as well as ourselves!  As our spirit is built up we will walk in confidence and not stumble when sent.


Teri was ready to stand and I had the privilege of standing beside her. Others will be there for them both, and are, doing what God has called them to do. My part for now is to share the progressive miracle of a man brought back from the brink of death, coma and paralysis through the power of corporate prayer and belief. I was there but there was a continual concert of prayer reaching heaven from all over this state and others and in turn raining down healing and restoration on one very special man who I know will make an even greater impact for the Kingdom through his testimony to the power of God over his life.