To my friends and strangers alike, check this out, I have good news and I gotta share.
The Kingdom of Heaven (here in referred to as KoH) and it’s way of life is now open and accessible to all! You may begin living there… Now.  Christ (aka: The Messiah) in partnership with God (the artist, designer and creator formerly known as Yahweh) and THS (who prefer we say no more) have completed the contractual requirements and paid the final installment on the completed plans and have now granted full accessibility of KoH to all humans. (Christ, God & THS are henceforth referred to in this announcement and orientation as “The Founders”)
Cool thing, The Messiah, mapped out in the flesh, through life events, real world examples and teaching, how to access, best utilize and live in said KoH. His personal story is beyond epic and, no joke, universe shifting.
He PHYSICALLY completed the design plans and purpose of earth and everyone that has, does or will live here. You may have heard this before, I’m telling you though, it’s true, it’s cra-cra and it’s 100% worth digging into every facet of Him. Oh and yes He literally sacrificed himself to get it done. It’s too extensive to try and “summarize” on Christ or the other Founders here, but He is KEY to understanding as well as fully accessing and living in and from the KoH in it’s entirety.
Full disclosure; KoH is not the easiest place or path to be living life in. It is not “trouble free” and it may, and likely will, take sacrifice of varying degrees, along with a lifetime of practice toward perfecting. That said though, the path is not lonely, because The Founders have agreed within the scope of this unbreakable contract to be a constant and permanent resource of help (mentally, emotional, economically, physically and otherwise) while you explore their vast Kingdom. Additionally there are a multitude of people and communities already living KoH life. Stoked right?!
Also worth noting; while not the “easiest path”, it is the most rewarding path and place to live, this is quite simply due to the reality of the nature of living in this Kingdom. This is due to the unbreakable contract and The Founders’ own desires and purpose; their goal in the KoH is getting to know you and helping you to fully know yourself. In reveling who we are individually to ourselves, we get equipped and empowered to truly LOVE ourselves which empowers us to actually LOVE others in the same way the Founders’ designed and established love to be from the beginning. Not sure what else to say about that other then it’s VERY cool/woke/mind-blown AND it’s literally one of the most important elements of being IN the Kingdom of Heaven…body and mind.
The whole “what’s it all for question” and all the other big ones that sometimes nag at us….? Yeah, they’ll show ya. But not just the cosmic level, it’s personalized, customized information. Bonkers, I know, but real.
The Founders would like to enlighten us on walking a wiser, better, more productive, peaceful, joyful, loving and grace filled life with our brothers and sisters (aka, everyone else on the planet). For the “general” purpose of just that… More life and life to the fullest. What does that even mean? Think, tragic losses and the comfort and strength to press through and seeing brighter days, arguments with loved ones but the ability to forgive and move forward, an injury with the belief of full recovery and then seeing it through, a special grace and knowing that hardship will not define who we are. Now  think, long deep satisfying conversation over the campfire, raising a glass in toast to some hugely important life event in joy and celebration with everyone else around you, having that tough but important conversation with a loved one (with total peace) and coming positive resolution, think snowboarding or water skiing, delicious food, snuggling, hiking adventures, the most amazing and profound fiction novel EVER. Tip of the iceberg examples here but, THAT friends, is life to the fullest.
OK!  So, Heavenly Kingdom…getting there / living there… the place and mindset.
Quite simply, we “get there” by allowing ourselves to see that our mindset on a lot of stuff about life and ourselves is basically wrong, and it’s not working for us. And from there we’re come to the place that we’re open to shifting that mindset and adopting this new mindset, it’s The Founders mindset. That is the starting place in getting to KoH.
Yes we need to dig a little deeper in getting there.  So,  we accept we’re loaded up with assumptions about how life is, but that the resource of all those assumptions is a smattering of what’s basically “world kingdom” life knowledge and is flawed, sometimes nonsensical and often inaccurate or at the very least incomplete. And that while some of the knowledge and tools we’ve gained along the way for general life skills, as well as mental and emotional tools, may be helpful to some degree, it’s not enough. We admit on some or many levels that living in the “world’s kingdom” has been lacking in real, living, mental, emotional and spiritual satisfaction.
We decide to put down the busy-ness and distractions of the worlds system. (Stop twisting my arm already sign me up right?! … But there’s tough parts to this so let’s keep diggin a bit.) Meaning we let go and admit to ourselves -no matter how “good” we think we’re doing at this crazy life of ours- that we recognize there is stuff in our lives we know isn’t right. There’s crap we’ve done or STILL do that hangs over our head and makes us feel shitty. Stuff that perpetuates like a bad habit we can’t get a handle on. That we’re “feeding some beast” in us that “feels” great but truth is it’s nails on the chalkboard of the real life we want and the goals we have. Sometimes it’s mental, sometimes it’s physical, maybe it’s both, DOESN’T MATTER, it’s shit we don’t like. We know it makes us less who we are or at least less who we really want to be and we can’t seem to FIX it. 
Getting there… Admitting this… It’s a threshold, it’s pivotal. It’s also scary as hell sometimes for people, but I don’t know maybe not always, for some it’s probably a basic thing to see and admit this stuff. If you’re on that track, good for you; now shut up, sit down and don’t rub it in. lol… just kidding 🙂 
Either way, we’ve all got some of these “things” going on. It’s called conviction, and feeling conviction is an incredible and enlightening moment. It’s recognizing something in ones life (action, desire, feeling, mentality, belief) that doesn’t belong and has been -to this point unknowingly- crippling you. Conviction is NOT condemnation. Condemnation is others or ourselves shaming us and causing the fearful idea that this, (action, desire, feeling etc.) WHATEVER, is YOU and you’re BAD or BUSTED because of it. It’s not true, that’s the worlds’ kingdom logic. Conviction is the Founders imparting wisdom and opportunity to change. Recognizing the trouble and seeing we’d like to rid ourselves from it is the shift toward the freedom of Heavens Kingdom.
When you’ve gotten there -recognizing that personal life trouble – with conviction, admit it to The Founders (Out loud or in your head; doesn’t matter). Tell the Messiah you’re ready to get to know Him and learn how to start living in KoH with a whole new KoH mindset. Seriously just start talking to them about it. Let them know you have NO CLUE how to fix any of that stuff you’re not a fan of about yourself, but some dude on the internet said You All (Yahweh, Christ & THS) Founders could fix that stuff and that it was GOOD NEWS because you are ready and willing to participate in the process of Letting Them. This whole admission and request to them becomes a new consciousness, and a new life and understanding of living. It is commonly and historically referred to as being “born again”. Christ originally coined the phrase, people liked it, it’s really stuck. Plenty of good reasoning behind that but  I digress. Point is, new life begins, KoH life begins, through this admitting, recognizing and establishing a commitment and dependence on our Founders.
From here it’s pretty important to check out a few books by some dudes from way back. I highly recommend google searching “The Book of John” it’s a quality starting ground. This taps back into the keys Christ laid out on accessing and living His and the rest of the Founders’ Kingdom of Heaven lifestyle. Other books worth reading: Matthew, Mark, Luke are great too. There are many “translations” of these books if you start reading and what you got isn’t “speaking to you” you might try a different translation.
It is worth sharing these ideas with others but take a note of caution, many find these ideas very controversial and dismiss all notion of it to the point of ridicule. Also others who loudly proclaim “Christ as Lord and Savior” will rush to give a great deal of advice; some good perhaps, some maybe not so good, but either way, here’s a good bit of wisdom…  If we find we are taking on more information from others ABOUT the Kingdom of Heaven then we are from the Founders OF this Kingdom we must re-calibrate and remember that THEY (Christ, Yahweh & THS) are our truest and best source.
If you know and trust someone that you believe has some knowledge of, relationship with, and fondness for Christ they might be good company to keep and converse with on the Kingdom of Heaven and how best to live in it and from it.
In summary, the Kingdom Of Heaven is totally open and available to access for all.
It is an absolutely fantastic way to live and the way to the full uncut extended version of life.
If we will recognize the worlds system and our lives in that system have major shortfalls we don’t like and can’t fix, but want to, and we’re open minded enough to admit it; then our hearts and minds can shift and change.
In shifting and recognizing this we can accept the total, permanent, relational assistants of the Founders (aka: Yahweh, Christ & THS) who designed and executed this Kingdom into completion.
This both allows us entry and begins the learning process of living in and from a place of love, grace, forgiveness, peace, joy, kindness and contentment called the Kingdom of Heaven
So that’s the good news I wanted to share. Thanks for reading it. At this point you can choose to believe what I have shared as truth for your life or you may choose to not believe it and reject it from your life. You don’t have to do either of these immediately, take the time you want to think on it. Consider it, ask questions, study, investigate; hopefully you’ll do all that with an open mind. But eventually you must decide. Believe it or don’t. Because, well, you can’t un-read it.
My hope is not that you’re convinced because of what I say. I trust that the Founders are far better at convincing folks than I could ever be. I’ve only shared this because they asked me to, plus KoH has been a fabulous place for myself and billions of other to live! Which is well worth sharing, and there’s plenty of room for everyone; so why not! If you’re already here, I’ll see you around, and if you’re thinking about moving in, I’d say go for it.
Have a great day and KoH Blessings to you,
~Joshua Klein