I was hoping that the “title” of this post would grab your attention. Interestingly enough, the title, in blunt simplified terms, is actually exactly what has happened in this video. Watching this, I was struck by the open straight forward and heartfelt conversation that unfolds with the audience and I believe we should all be witness to more of this kind of exchange as well as engage and challenge one another with these kinds of questions. That’s why I’ve shared this here.

Approaching debate, and the challenges of people with a difference of opinion, with a willingness to listen, respect and enter an open discourse is truly key in my opinion to bring about peace and the ability to progress in life in a way that honors the sacred value of the life God has given to each us. Weather we believe it was God given or not… 😉 Hope you enjoy this *video as I did. God Bless You and have a great day!



*Just a little disclaimer on this. If this video has some licencing restriction on us sharing it, please let me know as we’ll be glad to remove it from our site. While we have no intention or motivation to profit from it, still we respect the intellectual properties of others and have no desire to take away from that. Thanks