It says in Psalms 139 “Where could I go from His Spirit?” and of course the answer is nowhere. You and I are always in the presence of the triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. You and I need to remember that first and foremost in our lives. Next we are to let that light of the triune God give us the directions that we always need. Whether we are at home with those we know and love, out at the store, out in the public realm or working with prisoners in a jail. Wherever we are, that light should lead and compel us. After all, you and I may be the only way others get to meet this triune God.

Think about that for a moment, we may be the only “Christ one”, at least with flesh and skin on them, that a person will come into contact with. I’m not saying this to judge or to put fear into anyone but the truth is still there. Now think of this… Who do you know that you would want to see miss heaven and spend eternity in the lake of fire? The answer I hope is no one! And God is so very perfect, He placed into the heart of every person – not some but every person – the desire to meet with Him so that no one will be able to say “but I didn’t know”. Some things we just don’t have the answers to, but aren’t you glad, He missed not one thing, He knows it all. All we’ve done, all we didn’t do, and everything we’re about to do… How come we forget that we are dealing with a God – the only God – that knows everything? And aren’t you glad it’s not up to us to judge who makes it and who doesn’t. He loves you and me and everyone else in the entire universe, yes He so loved that He paid the price for all that needed paying, accept it.

Remember the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you and because He does you are able to do the same works as Jesus did by the same Holy Spirit. How hard it is for us to receive all that we need and yet it has all been taken care of. It is difficult for us to understand that God has in fact already put together all that pertains to our life, I want you to think about this – it doesn’t say that every now and then God would meet with Adam and Eve to see how they were doing. Today the Holy Spirit is willing to pour out His Spirit in and through us; wherever we are, there He is to carry out His work…through us! Let us think today as we approach the Cross knowing all that we will ever need was taken care of at the Cross, it’s a symbol of the completed work.

Every year, Thanksgiving comes and goes on the calendar and we have much to be thankful for all year long don’t we? But I would hope that we would all know the real price that was paid for all our thankfulness, only at the cross will we be able to know what being thankful is really all about. I’m sitting here in my car wondering if I really know the meaning of the word “thankful” and what is it I’m so thankful about, yes even wondering if somewhere I’ve lost it? But don’t feel bad I’m hoping somehow I will lose it, so that only He and the reality of His knowing of Thankfulness will take hold of me. Our brother Paul said in Philippians 3:11 “That if possible I may attain to the [spiritual and moral] resurrection [that lifts me] out from among the dead [even while in the body].”

Oh my God, how far away I am from what that grace is all about, and yet it surrounds us all the time. Hear me if maybe not the Lord, don’t be concerned how little or how much you think you know, be filled and flooded with the truth and realization of how loved you are because not any of His pure love for us is something we have earned or deserved but a pure gift of life from Him. And there’s a billion times more that He wants to pour out on us, with nothing missing. You and I should be so filled with thanksgiving and joy over all He accomplished by the cross and His resurrection that it bubbles out of us and people can’t help but wonder and ask what we’re so happy about! 🙂

Yes, He is alive and because He became sin, we can now be righteous forever and ever. You and I need never sin again. All sin is payed for and we are freed of the law of sin and death and a new law keeps us out of sin, the law of the Spirit of Life, the law of my/your new being. Let’s ask ourselves a question “Is this something to rejoice about?! Is this not something to be forever thankful about”?! I hope you’re shouting YES! YES!

Lots of love and peace to you all as you walk with the King every day!

We love you forever – Ed